2011 Pastoral Search Updates


Going the Distance
October 30, 2011
By Barb Grinbergs

 We are now 6 months into our journey for a new Lead Pastor and are gearing up to begin the most exciting part of our journey---interviewing candidates!

But first, I want to thank those of you who completed the Lead Pastor survey. We sent out 443 surveys and received 203 (or 46%) back. Well done! That is twice as many respondents than our last survey we conducted in 1996. At the time, we sent out 427 surveys and received only 89 (or 21%) back. I am confident that these survey results provide a good representation of your thoughts, desires and ideas when it comes to choosing our next Lead Pastor.

The search committee is now pouring over both the statistical results as well as the rich and vast amount of feedback we received through your individual comments. We’ve assigned questions to each search team member to look for specific trends in the comments you provided and report them back to the team. These themes and trends will be used in finalizing interview questions and in helping to explain the heart of our church to potential candidates.

One recurring question we did notice in the survey that I wanted to touch on was the question of why we cannot hire Brad as the new Lead Pastor. The Covenant denomination (and many other church denominations), deliberately set the role of an Interim Pastor as a temporary position, and they are excluded from being considered for a permanent position. Interim pastors provide a special kind of leadership to help prepare the congregation for the next pastor, including building unity, healing hurts, providing encouragement, promoting reconciliation, and generating excitement. Brad is providing the kind of interim leadership our church needs, and as he stated in the Pine Lake Post last week, “I have engaged in the ministry here with a desire to provide direction to the staff, encouragement to the leadership, and inspiration to the congregation.” Thank you Brad for what you have done and are continuing to do for us!

We have now reviewed the profiles of 15 potential candidates and have eliminated 7 of them. The remaining 8 candidates have been ranked, and we will begin conducting initial phone screen interviews.   God willing, we’ll find 2-3 individuals who warrant a deeper look. If not, we’ll consider additional candidates.  We hope to begin the interview process in November.

We are midway through this journey and are committed to going the distance. We appreciate your continued prayers so that we can “…run with endurance the race that God has set before us…by keeping our eyes on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from start to finish.” (Romans 12:1b-2a).


In Search of a New Leader
July 31, 2011
By Barb Grinbergs

Next week marks 4 months since the Pastor Search Committee first started actively meeting, and just over 8 months since Pastor Chris preached his final sermon. Where has the time gone? On behalf of the Pastor Search Committee, I would like to give an update on what our committee has accomplished so far, what we are currently working on and what we will be doing during the next 4-6 months.

What have we accomplished so far?
We’ve appointed officers and selected 3-4 personal prayer partners to pray for each of us through the search process. We’re keeping track of our tasks and progress with the use of an on-line project Dashboard. We’ve completed our church’s profile on “CovConnect,” which is a web site for listing pastor job openings. Think of it as the “E-Harmony” for churches and pastors! We’ve written a new job description for a Lead Pastor and developed a list of first-round interview questions. Most importantly, we’ve spent individual and group time in prayer, seeking God’s guidance and direction.

What are we currently working on?
Our top priority is to finalize the all-church survey and get it distributed to the congregation. We’ve formed a small sub-team to expedite work in this regard. Concurrently, we are reviewing and praying over the names of 9 Lead Pastor candidates which have been pre-screened and submitted to our group by Mark Novak. It is exciting to think that one of them may be our next Lead Pastor!

What will we be doing during the next 4-6 months?
Once the results from the survey are returned, we will analyze them to ensure we are seeking a candidate who matches the needs and desires of the congregation. If necessary, we will adjust the job description and/or the interview questions. We’ll then hold initial phone interviews to screen the candidates and conduct second phone interviews with the top 2-3 individuals. Finally, we’ll invite the top candidate to an on-site interview and give him/her a chance to check out our church in person.

Please keep in mind that our next Lead Pastor may not be one of these 9 individuals. If you remember, Pastor Chris was not available when that search committee got its first set of names. God’s timing is often not the same as ours. If we don’t find who the Lord has in mind for us with this set of candidates, we’ll start the process over with a new list. Please pray for our team, for our next Lead Pastor and be sure to fill out the survey when you get it!  



June 11, 2011

The Pastoral Search Committee has been hard at work laying the foundation needed before beginning the arduous task of reviewing candidates for Lead Pastor.  Here’s what we’ve accomplished to date:

·    Team officers have been selected.  They include:

o   Chairperson—Walt LaMonte

o   Vice Chairperson—Jennie Clinton

o   Secretary—Mark Jones

o   Treasurer—Barb Grinbergs

·     Each team member has selected 3-5 personal prayer partners to help carry us through this process.  We are thankful for these prayer warriors, for we are already feeling the threat of spiritual warfare.  A couple members of the group have been hit hard with family/health issues which are taking an emotional and physical toll. 

·     We have compiled a list of key areas we want covered in a church-wide Lead Pastor survey, and have turned the list over to Loren Gustafson and his survey team.  Loren is now in the process of developing a survey for PLCC attendees to fill out.  We hope to have it distributed sometime in July. 

·     We have completed a PLCC church profile on the Evangelical Covenant Church’s “CovConnect”. The CovConnect is an on-line portal which connects pastors seeking a job to churches looking for a pastor.  Think of it as the “eHarmony” for churches.   Mark Novak, our North Pacific Conference Superintendent will be screening potential candidates and then submitting them to us for review.

We’ll post additional updates as they become available.  Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

Pastoral Search Update